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Laurels do teach... but that's not all they do... they also mentor...
and judge and etc...so do their students... so do other people...

If only Laurels teach... there would never be new Laurels ;) 
and just because someone is a Laurel doesn't mean that they know everything
nor does it mean they're even up to current standards of research nor knowledge.
With the ever growing availability of information... it takes a BIG EFFORT to keep up with new information... and it takes TIME and often money...

Ya know.... they're human...sometimes life gets in the way... sometimes they burn out... sometimes they just loose interest...

So are you going to Candlemas?... 
I'm sure there are a ton of people who read this list who'd like to meet you...
probably not me at this point... I was seriously considering Candlemas...
but I am to the point that I don't like dealing with most SCA people in enclosed spaces these days... 

RYC:It shouldn't be a CHORE to do something you love to do

Very often it becomes a chore to do something one loves...
which may be one of the reasons that people leave their crafts at home...
if they work hard on them at home...
they may want to just come to an event and be mobile...

I understand that you are trying to get people motivated and thinking about actually bringing things to events and doing them while there... 
that is a good thing... 

If nothing else... 
it will get people to looking around and noticing things at the event... 
very often we are so distracted when we are at events... 
that we are kind of blind to all the things going on...
and the human tendency is to not look very far outside of ourselves anyway ;)

L DeerSlayer

Mystique <Mystique at phulesgold.com> wrote: Well finding teachers shouldn't be an issue in any Kingdom.. Laurels need to get out there and TEACH. Once one makes Laurel, it shouldn't stop there. THEY should be out there ALL the time teaching and trying to bring more and new interest into their craft fields anyway.

>>>>many of the SCA Universities also have actual "degree plan" type things and often the teachers are "certified"
and you can get a certificate in your chosen "degree"

In Ansteorra we don't require a person to go through screening in order to teach a class at the Kings College...or any other place...
except of course... the administrative classes...>>>

Alot of Kingdoms don't require any screening.. Kingdom Universities that we have attened.. again, were taught by LAURELS and no one need to be certified to do anything and no degrees were handed out.. THEY WERE JUST CLASSES but it was a time when there was an abundance of classes to choose from rather than other 
events that MIGHT hold a couple classes on this or that.

And for those who keep coming up with the excuses of "I'm doing 100 things already, or the weather doesn't permit.. " Well, then YOU don't do your craft at an event.. that simple.. For every 1 BUSY person, there are at least 3 others that aren't. Heck, even when my hubby is going to do some fighting at an event he STILL brings A&S work.. be it carving or leather or bow string making.. etc.. as he isn't fighting during the entire event. If it happens he doesn't get the chance to do anything.. fine but he never knows if he won't have any time.. so we bring something anyway.

And since we all like target Archery in our family, and there NEVER seems to be any at events even those who put it on the schedule.. we usually end up with time. When an event has a Merchant's Row.. no reason why they can't set up a small tent/canopy area for Artisan's Row for people to hang out and work some of their crafts at. It doesn't need to be "scheduled" anything.. just a simple area set up for those WHO MIGHT want to use the area whenever they choose.

It shouldn't be a CHORE to do something you love to do. There are no 
requirements that you have to do your craft at events.. but you know.. how else does one hope new people to gain an interest in crafts. Even if there are Merchants at events.. ok.. people SEE your stuff.. but how manytimes have you LOOKED and wondered just how they actually MADE the items.

And yes, there are some crafts that just aren't portable.. ok.. so ya can't 
sheer a sheep at the event.. so sheer it at home.. and bring the wool and a spindle.. hey, that is very portable. Potter's wheels.. well, guess what, they  sell simple, very portable ones at Walmart.. SO WHAT if you aren't using a PERIOD wheel.. it's the actual working of the clay that people want to watch and learn. Each person doesn't have to do this at every event they go too.. but what's the harm in bringing something with you incase you do find some time or take a break from watching fighting and such and then decide you want to work on it.

If you do a craft that is portable, then what is the problem with bringing it to an event and working it once in a while? That's all I am trying to convey.


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Elfsea is planning a Baronial College at this moment. The bid is in, all the 
basics are done, we are discussing one of two dates and recruiting more 
teachers. It should be a lot of fun and very informative.


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We had an A & S college one weekend in Bonwicke several years ago.  It was held 
at a church and there were classes all day.  I still remember how much fun it 
was.  I learned how to make glass beads, and my finger STILL itch to make more, 
but I don't have a place to safely do it right now.

I know it was a lot of work to find teachers and set up the classes, but I felt 
that the autocrat did a wonderful job and we had a good turn out, especially 
considering it was held in the Western Region.  I got some wonderful feedback on 
a cross stitch piece I was working on at the time.

Wish we could have something like that again.

Lady Marlyna 

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