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Tue Jan 22 11:53:08 PST 2008

The expectations of a different period are interesting to look into. For example wasn't the Monk Caedmon who prayed to God for the gift of poetry. He was so bad at talking he would hide in the Barn when the mead horn was passed to him.
I had a Japanese persona that I just couldn't play because she was a lady of the first rank and my poetry just wasn't good enough. The secret of a good persona is finding one that fits you. Please remember you might not be into the things of that your culture values. How you would deal with those problems is part of how persona works. I don't like playing a Duchess in the late periods because of the book "The Courtier". I am not Witty enough to follow that pattern of a Duchess.  
For example Duke Lloyd was of the 12th century. He was Flemish and his wife was from Aquitaine. He really thought Courts of Love were stupid and didn't want to come to the one we were sponsoring for the Queen, his wife, in the Steppes. I was the autocrat and asked him to come because have a least one person in back complaining abut the event is period. Many 12th century noblemen though the whole "courtly love" thing to be useless. True study of history also involves studying the people who didn't agree with things. 

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