[Ansteorra] Wimpy Siege Engines

John Reuter jareuter1066 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 22 15:56:38 PST 2008

Do you think your engine is accurate?
Do you think that your siege engine is the fastest?
Do you think your engine can hit the farthest target?

Well if you think that your engine is ALL THAT bring
it to the St. Valentines day melees at Raven's Fort
the 15-17 of Feb. 

We will see just who is the most accurate, most
powerful and the fastest of them all.

>From what I heard most of the siege engines in our
kingdom need the dust blown off of them and a few
BOLTS tightened up just to move them! It just makes
you want to HURL.....TREB ROCKS that is!

Brian du Val
Baron Raven's Fort 

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