[Ansteorra] Youth Collegiums

Alexandria Doyle garbaholic at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 09:19:53 PST 2008

>   Require a refundable deposit for children activities. You get your $20.00 back if you pick the child up on time. If parents start thinking of it as baby sitting make the deposit more. Ummm nice way to make some money if the different groups took turns with the children.

I have known people who believe that this refundable deposit entitles
them to be late, and if they are a little late, well, they've just
paid for twenty dollars worth of babysitting, how long does that
translate to?

"I'm buying this fabric/book now in case I have an emergency...you
know, having to suddenly make presents for everyone, sickness,flood,
injury, mosquito infestations, not enough silk in the house, it's
Friday..."  ;)

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