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The first step in doing is thinking about what your persona would do in period. When you think about that you will discover you sometimes will have problmes meeting the real world with what you should do.
For example --How does a Danish lady get to King Alfred court? She would travel without guards and most of us don't have a bunch of people to act as our "people".  We make them up. They are outside guarding stuff. "Good" women always had protectors. Also Our good Crowns have made it so safe in Ansteorra that a maiden leading a fine horse covered in gold can make it alone from one end of the kingdom to another. 
There is a nice point of persona courtesy. Men should assume that Ladies in the SCA have all the brothers and fathers and uncles  and men of arms and knights that would go with their station. She should be treated with the respect that these people would give her. If anything else she have the protection of the noble who is sponcering the event. 
I believe Nobles and peers should "play" their role. This would mean that they would provide protection to people. Traveling in the train of a strong noble would be a way that prilgrims and individuals could get somewhere safely. You don't have to be in those peoples "service" to travel wiht them. You can't find a "noble" who is playing that kind of roleplaying game make one up. You are traveling with Lady Kemp or Young King Henry or Sir William Marshall or Lord James of the Creek . They had just stepped out of the Hall and you will introduce them later. 
I am traveling a lot "in persona" for the good of my soul and to keep in touch with what is going on politically. Duke Jonathan is having to stay very close to the Crusade in France and Spain so people won't wandered over our lands. I would be offering oppuntorities for pilgrims and travelers to come with me so show the goodness of my soul. I would also be offering unattached fighter employment in protecting my tains. 
You see playing persona is a big web. I play my part which in tuns give others a part. 
I would like to make a point right now. I believe persona relationships do not necessary reflect polilical relationship in the club. Someone could be my "lady-in-waiting" and that does mean they are my "follower". Of course I don't even expect my apprentctices and students to be my followers. If anyone have kept score they will discovered tha some of my biggest political battles have been with my own assicates. 
That is why I believe "persona" relationships should not carry strings that go back to the SCA the Club.

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