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That's a darn good point... But I wonder what is supposed to happen to any children left onsite without thier adults... is the Senech or Event Steward-O-Crat supposed to wander camp looking for a random person with a background check to stay with the child until the police arrive?
  If the wording just says 'Must have background check for MoC activites' then they're prolly alright, as teaching an MoC class for a prolonged period of time is not the same thing as hailing a Senechal (i.e. legal representative) for care of a neglected or lost child until the parents and/or police arrive.
  R the O
Lori Campbell <countesskat at yahoo.com> wrote:
  > Caelin wrote:
> kids left more than xx minutes after closing would
> be turned over to the Seneschal. 

That *would* probably be a good motivator, but.... would the
seneschallate come even remotely close to accepting this
responsibility? Because I'm betting it would happen. Often. 

A possible caviat would also be that our children's activity sponsors &
MOCs are now required to pass criminal background checks to be
responsible for children and children's activities. Unless seneschals
are held to that same standard, I'm betting a "transfer of custody"
wouldn't be allowed. 

~ Kat MacLochlainn

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