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Well as  my children got to be teens discipline could  fly out the window.. 
they  are bigger than I am... so I found that object humiliation in front of 
their  friends and peers worked wonders... works for adults  too.

And in the end who does it hurt the most the adult or the child? You  want a 
system where the parent learns and the child gets to keep participating  and 
learn as well. When you go to humiliate the adult and it is the child  that 
ends up quietly being humiliated as well and the backlash will have a  longer 
effect than intended. There may be some kind of problem you are not aware  of 
that keeps the parent and they are late. It is better to work with them then  
against them because the bottom line is that the whole effort is for the child's  
benefit not the adults. 

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