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Dear Lady 
I know what you mean. My local priest in the Caldal Valley went on and on about the "Romans" in gaulic. I didn't know there were such words in the gaulic. I went to Norway when I was a child and met some of the "roman" Priest there, but I was a child and I didn't pay much attention   I hve studies at Iona. I am curious to see how "Romans" differ from the preist at Iona.
With kind regards 
Duchess Willow de Wisp

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Your Grace
Please know that the "Romans" have great ignorance of the telling of time. 
My sister has married a southern noble who is influenced by one of them and even now they are beginning to prepare for the Great Lenten Fast - so though I durst not speak to the hospitality of King Alfred, I shold but much astonished to find any fleshmeats or cheeses at table when you visit there. The Romans are celebrating the Great Feast of our Lord in March! As you know we will celebrate in April this year.
The most distressing tale I have heard of them is that they disregard the Icons of our Holy Mother and the Saints. Our holy father also speaks to us of the additions they make to the Creed - something called a filioque - he even made us learn to spell the word and Swear not to use the phrase. 
I long to travel with you but we must be home to mark the Forty days since the passing of Grandmaither Marie who has fallen asleep. 
who is now al AERYN
[stepping out of persona - yes I know that makes 5 - but we are all in a family line and all but the twin are al AERYN - and I am having great fun following this thread and as I have no persona in this time yet, I created one on the spot]

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