[Ansteorra] South of the wall

Sir Ian Mac Baird ian_ksca at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 07:33:38 PST 2008

To my kinsmen Daniel,

>From what I hear it would be sounding to me as though
there is to be some sort of grand gathering in Wessex to the South. Our good neighbors, the Danes, are bound for this place to meet with that Saxon King and His people. The winter is cold here, too cold for these old bones, and the stores are low. Even though these Saxons do not know much about making good whiskey, they may have a good table spread and plenty of ale. I have determined that we should should be going there at the lambing festival time and see what our good neighbors hope to find South of the old wall.  Pass the word through the Clan, as soon as we can make our way through the passes we will go. Leave the lads to tend the sheep and the fires.

Sir Ian

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