[Ansteorra] Traveling to the Court of King Alfred

george basore murray_kinsman at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 20:12:56 PST 2008

Your Grace, again, you honor me with the opportunity
to be of service to so grand and gracious a Lady of
such esteem.
  I suggest an inn not more than a league into
Northumbria, known as "the Weeping Unicorn", as it is
owned and run by a good friend. Mention that you await
my arrival, and you will be very nicely welcomed by my
friends there.
  Upon your arrival, and until I arrive have the inn
keep watch for my personal arms;
    Per bend azure and vert
    a bend wavy between a
    mermaid Orand a claymore
    bentwise argent.
  Upon my arrival, I ask only time to change horses
and feed my men, and we will be ready to continue at
your discretion.
  Passage through Kent is assured, as the Captain of
the household guard to the Duke of Kent and I are old
friends. By personal Device is well known in Kent, and
has standing passage from His Grace.
  You may find my cousin Aloysius a bit loud and
boisterous for a monk, but please understand, as he IS
Irish, it is not ENTIRELY his fault.
  He is , however, quite knowledgeable on matters of
scripture, and anyone who wishes to get to you, will
find him a LARGE as well as an apt adversary, as his
mother taught him that the ladies were put here on
earth for we men to protect and provide for. His
mother(my aunt) and her sister(my mother) were very
clear on that, so you my rest assured the Clann
Haddock will get you safely to Court.
  Protecting a lady is, to me and mine, a holy charge,
and thus, not to be failed at.

   I am, and remain, your servant,
  Ld. Robert Haddock

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