[Ansteorra] A question about freedom from the Western Region

Sir Morgan Buchanan morganbuchanan at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 25 06:30:57 PST 2008

First...  none of these actions mean that these lands are no longer part of 
Ansteorra, period, end of sentence.

Mechanically, the zip codes are still in Ansteorra.  The zip codes will 
either be directly associated with a new local group or they will be "free 
range" crown lands.

Emotionally...  one should play where one wants.  My zip code today is in 
the Canton of Glaslyn, albeit on the very southernmost edge.  But I've 
always played more specifically in the Barony of Steppes proper, and yet, 
I'm an officer in the Canton of Lindenwood.  Me?  I play in Ansteorra. 
These local groups are convenient administrative bodies, but it's the PEOPLE 
who engender loyalty and love.  No change in group heraldry administrivia 
can change that.

There have been many instances of a person moving from one group into the 
zipcodes of another group, but continuing to play and associate themselves 
with their old group, travelling back to see them constantly, and so on. 
It's all good.  Nobody is trying to force anyone to hang out with someone 
they don't want to hang out with.

Kind regards,

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