[Ansteorra] Again... a Question about freedom from the West

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 25 13:09:59 PST 2008

Big Sighs Ansteorra!

I would like to publically apologies for being a member of "hotmail." There is a feature known as rich or plain text I must change-over every time I wish to type an email to a public list. So that the non text portion of the email (like the enter button) can get through the list's filters.

Since the words I was typing were from someone else and therefore important, I will resend the original missive in the preferred format so it will be an easier read.

Thank you very very much to those that spent the time and muddled through a post without correct delineation. I know attempting to do such things occasionally gives me a sharp pain behind my right eye and within the parameters of my patience.

I have forwarded to Lady Kisska the two Ansteorra email volumes containing very helpful responses. I expect to have a response from her by monday or tuesday. Please be inspired to continue discussing this thread and I will continue to forward your very helpful insights. I perceive we should be about done with this discussion appx. wed of thurs.

After reading the responses I was going to suggest/tell Lady Kisska about some Very Nice work Master Ulf Gunnarsson has done recently as the V-Scribe of Namron.

Preface: I do not know emphatically if Namron is "her heart's home".

On the Barony of Namron's newly designed web page in the people section you can have your "affiliation" to the Barony represented by the Arms (actually tornado) haha of Namron next to your name.

So if it be her desire "to be part of" Namron, then this might be a way to have her heart's desire represented in public declaration. If it be her desire to have her zip code count on the roles of Namron... well then, Lucy we gotsomemore splainin' to do.

I'll forward her responses to the list.  Thank you EVERYONE, for helping me keep one person in our Society so they may continue To Learn the value of The Dream.

Lovingly and hopefully legibly,

P.s. Be prepared for a 'change in email addresses' from Pooky.


Much Love Ansteorra!

A question came to me from someone not on the Ansteorran List. They wished it forwarded to the list to inspire answers and discussion.

To paraphrase (always dangerous): What limits if any exist as to where someone can call their home now that their home is no more?

Verbatim: *

It has been brought to my attention that the land in which I live, no longer exists in the mighty world of Ansteorra.  I was informed that to remain an active member of SCA that I would have to move my zip code to another established region.  I was given the option of 2 very fine regions that are relatively close to what use to be called The Western Region.  My question is: If I am required to make allegiances with another, then am I not allowed to pick the region that I would like to most align with?  I know that there were political or established rules which played a major part in the disintegration of my home land.  But I was graciously allowed to meet King Ulsted and Queen Ebergardis.  They were lovely enough to appear to enjoy the meal that I had prepared for them.  They were the ones who bestowed upon me, my coveted 'Ladyship' of which I thought that I would never attain.  I also have made friends in the region of Namron.  These are the people who have graciously helped me see glimmers of the 'Dream' of which I have been so drawn to.

If my freedom is limited, then I will graciously move my zip code to the appropriate region.  But if I am truly free, then 'I would like to choose' where my populous number would be counted. If permitted I would choose the place in Ansteorra which I feel has given me the strongest sense of the 'Dream'.

Long live the reigning King and Queen, may the gods bless Duke Ulsted and Duchess Ebergardis, and may Ansteorra stand strong!!

Lady Kisska cohn du et Amore', the Chosen One of Lord Pukhta Luvtsevich

Post Scriptum (from me) ~ I think it's a good question.  I think it reveals a valid concern we could address, for those who haven't been en Societata for a few decades. Please discuss! and I will forward your highly valued thoughts and opinions.

I appreciate everyone's help, participation, and consideration.


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