[Ansteorra] Kingdom of Xanadu

Corey Van Zandt Sircorwin at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 25 14:20:40 PST 2008

MAN!!!  That was my line...I bet you don't even skate...I can run circles 
around Olivia Newton John and roller boogie till the break of dawn.  What 
say you Xanaduzian Pretendor?  Shall we have a skate off to determine the 

rolling with RHOADD!!! hehe (beware the spikes)

> You better be wearing roller skates so you can roller boogie on the way. 
> ;P
> Since the membership card doesn't have a group designation, you can write
> anything you want on it. :)  No can of worms to open.
> Going off to write "Emperor of Xanadu" on my card.....
> Morgan

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