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Therasia said:
On Jan 25, 2008, at 6:46 PM, Dr. C. M. Helm-Clark Ph.D. wrote:

> ***SIGH***
> It's always an adventure, moving to a new kingdom,
> meeting new people, making new friends and hitting
> them over the head with rattan  ;-)

You might want to glance through these files in the Florilegium when  
you can:
Othr-Newcomrs-art (16K)  2/23/03    "The 'Other' Newcomers" by Lady  
                                        Catharin de Rochelle. For SCA  
                                        moving from one group to  
SCA-trans-msg     (18K)  1/ 4/96    How to handle the move from one  
group to
                                        another. For the people in  
the group too.

I think you may have mentioned having moved between kingdoms before.  
In that case, my apologies but perhaps others here might find these  
useful in avoiding some mistakes.

> This weekend we decided not to go to an event a mere
> five hours up the road (and only 3 mountain passes!)
> The event fee includes the rental of ice skates.
> [http://castelleonenorse.bravehost.com/]
> There might be a rapier melee on ice (pending safety
> approval - my imagination tainted with too many years
> of chirurgeoning had a field day!) and snowballs are
> permitted in the snowfort battle.

Oh my. This sounds like it could almost be as dangerous as  
Ansteorrans driving on ice.

> We decided not to go to the event so we could get in
> my last day's worth of ice fishing for trout and salmon
> before I emigrate to the land of catfish and bass...

Ohhh. That brings up an interesting question I hadn't thought of  
previously. Does anyone know of any evidence of ice fishing done in  
our medieval period? I think I've seen medieval pictures of ice  
skates.  If anyone has written an article, or could be convinced to  
write one, I'd love to have articles on either of these subjects  
(medieval ice fishing or medieval ice skates), for the Florilegium.

> (It's hard, choosing between SCA and fishing... ;)

Why can't you just combine them? Isn't Crown Tourney just like  
clubbing  baby seals? :-)

Many event sites down here do have lakes that allow fishing.

> ***SIGH*** I'll have to learn a whole new way of
> fishing...this could be fun...and I've wanted to make
> the fishing rod from the _Complete Angler_ (a period
> treatise on fishing "with an angle") for ages...!  ;)

For those who might be interested, here is the recipe section from  
this treatise:
Complet-Anglr-msg (14K)  5/26/00    Recipes from "Compleat Angler",  

I wish I had the whole thing, but you take what you can get. :-)

For those interested in more on medieval fishing, there are also  
these files in the FOOD-ANIMALS section:
Angling-art       (24K)  8/24/01    "A Historic Look at the Sport of  
Angling" by
                                        Creador TwineDragon. Pennsic  
26 class.
fish-cleaning-art (10K)  4/29/06    “Amra's Capsule of Cleaning, For  
                                        Fish, Intended for Beginners”  
by Amra.
fishing-msg       (24K)  1/12/08    Medieval fishing. Fish ponds.
med-fishing-lnks  (14K)  4/ 3/05    Links to information on medieval  
                                        by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

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