[Ansteorra] Saxons and Vikings..oh my...

gail young gwynethb63 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 26 06:43:24 PST 2008

I believe, sir, that true warriors lack compassion and the gentler traits.  Although King Guthrum is a good man and has excepted the Church, the younger fighters he brings with him to Candlemas may not be such.  As the steward for this celebration it is important that I find the best in my company.  My Saxon kinsmen are indeed great fighters, but, In a test of ruthlessness, I am quite sure the Danes would have the day.  Everyone is good at something, no?<G>
  IF there are any young Viking warriors out there who would like to show us here in Bryn Gwlad the "softer" side of thier nature, I welcome them and will prepare a place for them at our table.

bsmall at suddenlink.net wrote:
  So is this your way of saying, good lady, that a Saxon is only a half-Dane?


---- gail young wrote: 
> Sir knight, I do appreciate that you will be early to our gathering. Please make sure you authorize 2 Saxons for every Dane, as we want to give everyone a fair change;)
> gwyneth
> (a Saxon, who just loves a good story about going Viking

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