[Ansteorra] Freedom in the West

Mystique Mystique at phulesgold.com
Sat Jan 26 14:45:30 PST 2008

There are many of us here in the area that WAS middleford who are building a 
house. We have been 8 months now of NOT BELONGING to any specific 
group/shire/barony etc. We don't mind being just Kingdom Lands.. it really gives 
us more freedom. None of us here (of those who plan to form our household) even 
want or care to be officers or fight for Crown. We just want to Play the Game 
and have fun doing it. Our zipcodes have never been reassigned to any group even 
though there was talk of giving us to Tir Medoin or Emerald Keep.. well since we 
found that Bryn Gwlad is working tword doing Sunday fighter and boffer practice, 
we plan to hopefully start working with them FOR THAT.. however, Emerald Keep 
has a good A&S group so some of us who do alot of that may start working with 
them  FOR THAT.

For us this is perfect, we aren't in any specific group, so we can work with any 
group we wish. We don't want to hold offices or fight for Crown so this gives us 
the freedom to work where we need too with whom we need too.

Granted, if Crown ever does decide to place our zipcodes with a specific group, 
that's fine, but it doesn't mean we still can't work with any group we want.


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