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Susan McMahill sueorintx at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 26 17:02:10 PST 2008

Much has been said lately about high persona play. Sir JP has expressed feelings that are much like my own, from what I can tell. I have always loved history. Have studied it closely ever since I was a tot. I have also spent most of my life being incredibly shy. I know that there are many who would have a hard time believing this now, but it is still true. I cannot do a cold sales call for love nor money and I hate making phone calls in many cases, especially to people I don't know.
The idea of playing high persona is agonizing. I love the study, the learning, etc. but if I wanted to play high persona, I would join the cast of the local Ren Faire or community theater. 
Practicing high persona, in my opinion, is anachronistic to the maximum. If I were to play high persona, I would not speak to half of my friends in the SCA. A late 12th century Norman/English woman would hardly socialize with Vikings (I married one), Welsh or Irish, and certainly would have little contact with Moors, Saracens, Scots, etc. 
Instead, I am an Ansteorran woman who has developed a basic persona because it is expected, and late 12th century England is where my interest lies. I will follow the customs of my land which has people of varied interests and cultures, and I will comport myself as a woman of Ansteorra. We have adopted many customs of earlier times, but speak the same language and accept people of other times and places as our own. While I have studied of Henry II, Richard, John, and Queen Eleanor of blessed memory, MY king and queen are Aaron and Vanessa. The persona I will play is that which I live.
Vivat Anstorra! My homeland, My dream!
Lyneya de Grey
Well-behaved women rarely make history.

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