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Sun Jan 27 09:56:18 PST 2008

I these post to very interesting. I hope any conflict  falls under "debate". I am going to think about the data in regards of my persona. 
If you look at French costume as early as Charlemagne and at "English" scrolls you see garments that are patterned after things that go back to Coptic Greek, The Scots of the western Isle and the Norse that taking over have very strong contacts with the Greeks. Viking hoards have coins and trade goods from everywhere. I could see my viking kin bringing back garments as trade goods
I do see one change. The pictures of Anglo Saxon and French and German Courts look like the ladies are wearing cloaks and mantel of heavier material--maybe wool and dresses drape like wool. Also they seem to be wearing heavier head wraps and the hair is totally covered. I know later Saxon really had  a thing about covering a woman's hair. I don't think the Norse, Danes or Irish had strong thing about covering hair.   
About religion : There is a lot of confusion about the Roman, Irish and Eastern version of Catholicism. I have found talking to modern day priest to be a problem because many of the viewpoints  of the past are now totally incorrect. I went round  and round about a wedding ceremony that a couple wanted and finally the priest told me that the ceremony contain religious viewpoint no longer held by the Roman church and was no longer allowed as a ceremony. I was viewing everything as an historical and he was viewing it as statement of faith. 
I follow the teaching of Iona. The problem is that I am a back woods Scot and I really don't understand the difference. I know Easter comes at a different time. That is about it. 

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