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I think we can look to what makes a Knight a Knight in the "Oath of Chivalry" that they are supposed to take at their Knighting.
One of the line is to protect those weaker then themselves. 
I remember that this was a strong conviction of my Grandfather. He was a major land owner in South Alabama and he and the other Land owner thought they were taking care of "their people" I remember when the March on Selma happened they were upset because violence had been done to their people. Many of them marched in the second march not because they believed in Civil Rights but because they believed it was their duty to protect the people. 
A Knight should protect the kingdom from all foes without and within. 
I personally think this applies to all peers.Some years ago I went to an Kingdom A&S. The day was very hot and it was getting hotter. I was escorted to a lovely cool room that was filled with peers and was told this room was for us so we wouldn't get hot. I then went into the artisan room and it had no coolant. I looked at all those artisans who were dressed in their best, mostly hot late period outfits and realized that before the end of the day we would have people passing out from heat. I found out there was another room that had air but the autocrat was going to have the feast there. I went to the autocrat and pleaded the case people would get sick. She told me that didn't matter and she had to set up the feast early. I was then told there was nothing I could do. 
 In period nobles are supposed to eat with their people so they experience the same conditions as their people. I took a chair and put it in the middle of the hall and sat down. Even then my health was a little delicate so with the hall getting warmer by the minute it was not a matter of me passing out from heat it was just a matter of when. Many people came to me and said there was nothing that could be done so would I please come in the cool. i looked around and saw many ladies who look in greater distress than me and I refused. Finally the Knights came and ask me what they could do. I told them they could move everyone out of the hot room and when they were safe I would move. The Knights took charge and moved everyone and move every piece of art. the day went on and everyone was happy and no one got sick and when it was time for the feast the Knights made sure the hall was set up in a timely fashion. 
I was so sick by the time the Knights came to me I can't remember who were the ones who spearheaded the action. All I know is the Knights of Ansteorra took care of the people of Ansteorra. They did their duty. In my mind they were special heros.
The Knights of Ansteorra have stood up to the BOD to protect us. Most of the time it was about fighting rules. Other kingdom Knights haven't stood up. Sir Inman stood up to the BOD when we wore having problems.
When we had a problem with some modern people getting into fight at a small event. Master Jonathan and Sir Ian were their to keep an eye on everything as is their duty.Protecting the people is the duty of chivalry. 
I know of many cases where the Knights of Ansteorra have stood up to the Crowns to protect the people from not thought out  ideas. 
Protecting your people is possible in the modern world but usually it is done by police or fire people or officers in the military. It used to be the duty of gentlemen and a very strong calling for "the Lady". Until the 50's people with money or position is a community thought it was an obligation to take care of the weaker. Today that concept is not that strong. 
In fact I can tell you sticking your nose into injustice can get you fired or in jail or shot at. Our community of the SCA has expectations of a Knight and we are happy when they live up to those expectation. There are very few roles in the modern world that have similar expectation and when people behavior in accordance to those expectation we often do not support them. 
What I find sad in Ansteorra is with the Stress of the power and importance to the officers the less are peers encouraged to do their duties. In fact there are even social pressures to keep us from being leaders in our local groups. 

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