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Remember -

"They can take your zip codes, but they can never take your
- William Wallace (paraphrased)

On Jan 26, 2008 4:45 PM, Mystique <Mystique at phulesgold.com> wrote:

> There are many of us here in the area that WAS middleford who are building
> a
> house. We have been 8 months now of NOT BELONGING to any specific
> group/shire/barony etc. We don't mind being just Kingdom Lands.. it really
> gives
> us more freedom. None of us here (of those who plan to form our household)
> even
> want or care to be officers or fight for Crown. We just want to Play the
> Game
> and have fun doing it. Our zipcodes have never been reassigned to any
> group even
> though there was talk of giving us to Tir Medoin or Emerald Keep.. well
> since we
> found that Bryn Gwlad is working tword doing Sunday fighter and boffer
> practice,
> we plan to hopefully start working with them FOR THAT.. however, Emerald
> Keep
> has a good A&S group so some of us who do alot of that may start working
> with
> them  FOR THAT.
> For us this is perfect, we aren't in any specific group, so we can work
> with any
> group we wish. We don't want to hold offices or fight for Crown so this
> gives us
> the freedom to work where we need too with whom we need too.
> Granted, if Crown ever does decide to place our zipcodes with a specific
> group,
> that's fine, but it doesn't mean we still can't work with any group we
> want.
> Maire
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