[Ansteorra] knights in America

Pat Mullins paedrics at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 07:19:31 PST 2008

Cisco Cividanes <engtrktwo at gmail.com> wrote: >
> And please do not try to defend the difference between Slave and Serf
> or even Black in the South and Saxon, or Irish, in Norman England.
> Almost 3,000 Black Heroes of the Confederacy fought with Stonewall
> Jackson alone.
> Hosey

My lord,

I would ask you to site  a source for that fact. I do not dispute it
outright, but the information I have states that nearly twice that many
blacks tried to volunteer for service with the confederacy, but were turned
down outright by the confederate governments. If my information is
incorrect, I am indeed interested in correcting it.
Ivo Blackhawk

Teamsters, cooks, sutlers, etc. In today's Army these roles are filled by soldiers. In the Civil War, they were independent contractors, or, being blacks in the South, contractees (slaves).
Serious consideration of arming blacks in exchange for freedom and citizenship came long after Stonewall was dead.

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