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Baron  Bors,
Would you please explain what you are trying to say here! There are  several
ways that this could be interpreted; a couple of which I take  great offence
to. First, I am a Gentleman and I was born in the south this  however does
not mean that I in any way condone or will tolerate the  abomination of
slavery or racism of any kind. Furthermore the implication  that our kingdom
in some way is bringing back the horror of that time is  slanderous.
Hopefully your intent was different than it appears and I am  over reacting.
Please Advise
Sir Richard ap  Morgan
> Here in this pretty world Gallantry took its  last bow ...
> Here was the last ever to be seen of Knights and their  Ladies Fair, Look
for it only in books, for it is no more than a dream  remembered,
> a Civilization gone with the wind.
> Except in  Ansteorra
Check modified quote- that was what was intended-  Sorry if  misconstrued
No offense intended - You are overeacting- but that's OK
Slavery was and is wrong-
No knight I know of is a bigot.
Only meant that the old ways are gone except in Ansteorra but
We in this kingdom are trying to hold onto the good parts of the past by
recreating it.  That was my intent.
But on the other hand what about our current civilization?
The days when what a person said is what they meant.
The days when it was what was on your inside not your possessions that  was
The days when you helped your friends not screw them over.
The days when a bussiness transaction could be sealed with a  handshake.
The days when you where happy just being happy-
The days when you went to a religious house of worship to solve your
problems- not to a pharmacy.
The days when it was what you are was important- not the color of you  skin.
The days when a kid could ride their bicycle after dark and no one worried
about them getting home OK
The days when you knew all your neighbors.
The days when kids played in everybodies backyard because there were no
privacy fences.
The days when no one knew what a plastic surgeon was.
The days when five households shared one telephone line -now there are five
telephone lines for one household.
The days when you trusted your doctor-not sue him for being human.
The days when your identity was yours and nobody could steal it.
The days I am describing are days that I lived through and remember- these
days are gone.
I feel very sorry for the future generations who have this legacy to build
I am the first of the baby boomers and I can't say I am proud of everything
that my generation has done.
Flame away
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