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This is why I have tried to come up with a Persona that matches my ethnic 
German:  Descended from a Baron (which Barons were a dime a dozen)
English:  Probably guttersnipe due to my pithy remarks from time to time
Scots:  Graham/Montrose-The only Marquis to be hung and quartered
Irish:  Tints of red in hair and can have a vicious tongue from time to time
Scot-Irish:  MacBride

Knowing what I know of my family, there were probably 
Norse/Viking/Gaul/Celtic all mixed in somewhere as we tend to mix rather 
than match.

Runa of the Thundering Herd

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From: "george basore" >  This is the reason that a 14th century Scottish Sea
> Captain could be appointed by royal commission to
> Admiral of his kings fleet, and have as his helmsman,
> an 11th century Icelander, a 10th century Welsh
> daughter, and when he retired, turn the Royal Navy
> over to a 16th century Irishman.(thus, my persona's
> 'history' fits in.)
>  When we remember this, we see that every time we put
> on garb and join in, we are, by definition, indulging
> in persona play, to some extent.
>  For those of us who enjoy "High" persona play, it
> truely is easier to make your "persona" a historically
> plauseable version of yourself.
> (Mundanely, I am retired from over 20 years of Naval
> Service, AND a  member of a Scottish maritime family)
>  Interesting, eh, wot?
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