[Ansteorra] Saxons and Vikings..oh my...

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Tue Jan 29 12:20:52 PST 2008

Dear Gentles
The question of gentler traits something I have heard talked about among the Franks. I heard they even talk about Love sometimes. 
You are right that a true warrior strong but I believe the Church as stated that  all  warriors should temper their fierceness with mercy. 
Our world is harsh and there is little room for gentleness. There is little gentleness in our women either. A bride is given weapons to defend the homestead when she she get married. I, myself have led men into battle. The lovely Lady I am traveling with, Lady AEla was captain of her own ship for many years. Her name bought fear to strong men's hearts. We need only to look to the Fair Aslaug , King Ragnar Hairy breeches wife to see how strong women are in the North.
I will say the Dane do have a gentler side. They bath at least once a week and sometimes more. I have heard Saxon men complain that gives them an unfair advantage with the Ladies. Though I have always thought it was their farms that gave them their advantage. 
One of the things that truly sires my heart is the site of young danish men with their hair don't up in ribbons. I don't know if you Saxon Ladies know this but Northern men bind up their hair for work or battle but at feast they comb their locks down and dress it with ribbons. I also find a shapely leg cross gartered to the thigh a fair site.
An Evil old woman
Duchess Willow de Wisp

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