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Wearing awards in period (1450-1500:Britian)

By looking at portraits of the time period (http://www.artrenewal.org/), we can see that for the most part that anything that looks as if it is an award / insignia, that it is worn from a chain or a nice ribbon.  Some of the other portraits show very decorative hat pins that could pass as some of our medallions, but most likely they are just cameos or nice pieces of jewelry.  From “Orders and Decorations” (Vaklaw Merika, 1967), most of the period (SCA, All) were hung off a ribbon or simple chain, with only three example of chains of rank, and a few late period broach pinned awards that could have gone on the chest or a garter.  It seems that the highest ranking award was worn, or the insignia for the event was worn, but not multiples at any one time in period from my survey.  

I do not have a great source for illumination, so someone may have something to the contrary from another book that I have yet to lay my hands on.

Wearing your awards and SCA-isms

The Garters are rather specific as for where they are worn; so are the belts, scarves and baldrics.  As for the lesser ‘Medallion’ type awards, I have seen them worn as hat pins, as a embroidered design into their shirt, hung off a chain, or not worn at all.  With multiple awards, I have seen them strung as a chain of rank, used as plaques for a belt, or pinned to a person’s favor.  All of those options seem to be correct and I haven’t heard anything against it . . . . As long as it seems to mesh with your costume in general.

So have fun.  Start a fashion trend.  Be creative.

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