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On 6/4/08, Cisco Cividanes <engtrktwo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Okay, I am very interested in this "Collar" that I have never before
> heard of before. I have now only seen (that I recall)  some, distant,
> vague  images of them, so if you know of any more detailed ones, I
> would be most appreciative. The links set to me were helpful, but
> still, the ones I saw were ten inch tall painting of whole people,
> that poor collar was little more than a few pixels wide on my screen.
> None the less, they were still helpful, so my gratitude to all who
> went through the effort.
> And, if anyone knows of, or has a pattern for a collar that shows how
> medallions would be mounted, and/or how the collar itself constructed,
> please, I would love a chance to see the that. It would greatly help
> me decide how to proceed on this issue, if at all.
> With thanks...
> Lord Ivo Blackhawk
> Province of Mooneschadowe
> Kingdom of Ansteorra
> "God Save the King!"

   See if you can get your hands on a book called,

 "Orders of Knighthood, awards and the Holy See."  by Cardinale,
Hyginus Eugene."

  You will probably have to get it through ILL.  It has a lot of information
about religous orders and awards, and their insignia.  A lot of it is post
period, but some of it is not.
   I used it for documentation when registering Northkeeps Baronial service


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