[Ansteorra] Collar question

Gustav Minnesinger synrik at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 4 08:03:26 PDT 2008

There are two Collars that are easy to find on the web: The Collar of the Order of the Garter (Worn by the Queen and Kings of England, and other honored Knights), the Collar of the Lord Mayor of London.


Notice in the Lord Mayor article, that the modern picture shows him wearing the pendant on a blue ribbon instead of wearing the ceremonial collar.

We also have the Insignia of the Golden Fleece, of Spain.

Scotish Rite collars

The Collar of the Order of the Holy Spirit (half way down the page)

You may want to cruise this site:  www.chivalricorders.org

SCA-ism, but cute:  www.dragonsjewels.com/collar1.htm

And of course, the Egyptians had some large ceremonial collars and the Northman use braided wire and hammered torc’s, but I take it you were looking for something a little more to your period.  The ancestor to the late period and modern collars of rank and estate actually comes from the Roman Empire.  And though I remember seeing the chains from various books, I’m not able to lay my hands on the volumes at this time. (And as memory goes --- and age --- I may be wrong.)


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