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I was originally an Ultima Online widow until he had me make a toon on his 
acct... next thing I knkow I have an account and am as addicted as he was. 
We've since left Ultima Online behind and moved on to WoW, but we still both 
play... if you can't beat em... join em.

Elizabeta of Rundel

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>L T wrote:
>> Looks like it's time for an e-list for "SCAer's who game online"...
>> I've got way too many friends who are doing WoW, Age of Conan, etc...
>> and several that I've lost to those worlds...
>> Please... don't let those worlds eat you...
>> I'm coming back slowly and want to actually physically interact with 
>> people I miss...
>> I don't want to have to meet people only in an online world ;)
> Roger, that.  I've been an Ever"crack" widow for about 2 years now.
> Damaris
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