[Ansteorra] Awards Collar

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 08:48:47 PDT 2008

First of all, I would like to thank the thirty or so people who responded
with answers to my questions about chains and collars and the like. Much
information, much learning, and most importantly, much fun.

Now, after seeing some 300 different examples of period and SCA collars, my
next question is this;

Does anyone have any practical experience in making a cloth ribbon collar?

I have decided that a traditional cloth collar, not unlike those used in
modern military awards is the best answer to my situation. In the future I
might consider another possibility, but at the moment, I think that a ribbon
collar will serve my needs very well.

I have been told that it is possible to display several medallions from such
a  collar, but I have not seen any images of how that is achieved, so if
someone can explain that I would be forever grateful.

Thanks again everyone! I hope all of the people who posted answers enjoyed
this as much as I have :)

And Yes, I am looking this stuff up on my own as well, so I'm not being a
lazy bum about this. ;)

Ivo Blackhawk

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