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Sir Giotto di Giovanni sirgiotto at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 21:18:39 PDT 2008

If ever there was a "fire and forget" crew for an event, these people
were it.  I just communicated what I needed and moved on; comfortable
in the confidence and capability of some of the best people in

Most people read these thank you letters to check and make sure their
name is there or see if they were noticed and appreciated.  I take to
the hazard knowing I will probably leave someone out who was of vital
importance to the affair.  I hope my brilliant staff will continue
their work of making up where I am lacking.

Lysts lived up to its reputation as the most beautiful event in the
Knowne World.  A spectacle akin to having the opera meet the roller
derby.  I hope everyone had as good a time as I did.  It would not
have happened without the herculean efforts of the event staff,
volunteers and sponsors.

Thank you to the Barons and Baronesses of Bjornsburg, Bryn Gwlad, Loch
Sollier and Stargate for bringing your people together to join in this
event and inspiring them to their best.

Master Eule von Haginbald was one of the creators of this event.  He
continues to watch over his baby.  Not only did he compete, he was
also the head of Media, Advertising and the Site Liason.  He was also
a font of knowledge about jousts past and present as well as ideas and

Mistress Seraphina Moslovska decorated the site with flair and
funneled some of that limitless energy to keeping me fed and watered
when I didn't have sense to take care of myself.

Young Master Chretien and Sir Gideon coordinated the running and care
of the horses and horse folk.

Lady Elizabeta Maria dei Medici and her cast of hundreds (well it
seemed like it) put on a period feast that wonderfully wonderful.
Even this picky eater came back for thirds.  She also raised some nice
coin for the Ansteorran Longship Company.

Mistress Saundra of Loch Raeburn made sure all that good food arrived
at the tables in the grand manner of the event.  Watching her organize
and execute a feast service reminds one of performance art.

Mistress Neassa the Obstreperous was the Lysts' head cheerleader.  Her
bubbly enthusiasm kept the day rockin' and everyone smiling.

Baroness Katya had the unenviable task of seating everyone in communal
galleries.  Thank you for trying to fullfil my hazy vision of this

HL Myfanwy ran gate like a well oiled machine.  Flawless.

Our King of Arms was Fatthiopap Laszlo.  Thank you my friend for
stepping up onto the front lines and performing in grand style.

Mistress Gwyneth Blackrose laid a cool pleasant spread to sooth
everyone on a hot day.  Fruits and meats for all to share.  It just
added to the generosity and hospitality that everyone showed that day.

Lady Elizabeta di Valore della Rosa was the Director of the days
activities and kept those cats in a quiet little herd.

Sir Hrafn Olafsson was the gang boss of the field and handled hundreds
of small jobs throughout the day.  And I got him at squire's prices.

Pyro and Caelin helped preserve the day for posterity.  We'll all get
to share the beautiful outcome of their work soon.

Thank you Sophie Federspil for volunteering "for anything" and
sticking to it when asked to be in charge of the privies.  Everyone
appreciates the good job you stepped up and did.

If there was ever a knighthood granted for unstopping labor it would
be given to Thomas of Conway.  He was in charge and did much of the
work of setting up, taking down and "all the stuff needing done" in
the middle.  Your tireless labor made everything possible.

Baron Niklas not only organized the traffic control that kept everyone
from dying on the hill but also donated and setup the staff radios
including the super secret autocrat radio. :)

The effort of keeping up with the effort was joyfully taken on by
Baroness Katheryn.  Thanks Kate.  Your spirit shone throughout the

Lord Hugh Killingbury did an awesome job as head of waterbearing.  It
was a pleasure working with you.

Baroness Claire did the web work for the event and helped in a
thousand other ways large and small.

Thanks to Helmut and the guys of the film crew for the magic your
efforts will bring forth.  Not to mention your hours and hours of work
for setup and takedown.

Thanks to my wonderful family for putting up with me through the last
year and for helping me bring my vision to life.  Saundra, Gwyneth,
Uther, Zach and Meghan, y'all are the greatest.  Ambroglio, working
with you was the best part of the event.

These folks were also instrumental in the success of the day:

Alexander Gervage
Amata Anati
Anne Barrington
Bailey White
Breila of High Ongar
Caeallach MacDonal
Catalina Anadesolana
Celeste Marie Berogh
Chiara Francesca
Christian Dore
Clara Marschall
Cristyana Lambrect
Daniel de Lincoln
Douglas Lion
Elisabetta Morosini
Emeline Neville
Geoffrey Sparhauk
Goldweard of St Lolias
Gretchen Kronewetter
Gwenneth Bowynne
Joscelyn of Greenville
Katheryn Cunningghame
Lilie Rose Sinclaire
Lorraine Deerslayer
Madelena de Orozco
Margot of Gates Edge
Rhianon O Goed Niwlog
Robin of Bjornsborg
Rurik the Red
Sabine Dubois
Sara Penrose
Thomas Grey
Thomas of Tenby
Tiffany Briscoe
Ulf Nache dem Tor
Ysabeau of Prague


Lysts Steward

We are knights. We are professional killers constrained by a code of
conduct that turns murder into both art and service. -- Duke Cuán
MacDaige (Atlantia)

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