[Ansteorra] war & goliards

an angel in black ink angelinblackink at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 7 13:52:53 PDT 2008

Dear Lady,
  I want you to know that none of us are offended.  In fact, you left the subject open for me to further explain ourselves.  Your opinion is your own and in the end it and your actions is all you have.  Fear not airing such ideas at us for these things are what we stand for and you honor us greatly with your courage to also be able to apologize to us though it was not necessary.
  In service to everyone’s Dream,
  Yu Xue XianXian
  Gypsy Queen of the Miscreants,
  Queen of Misrule of the Court of Miracles,
  and SPOON
at Large
  “Never judge a man by the gifts he bears.”
   -Chinese Proverb


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