[Ansteorra] looking for the man in the wheelchair

Dr. C. M. Helm-Clark Ph.D. cat at rocks4brains.com
Sun Jun 8 08:29:52 PDT 2008

Greetings gentle cousins.

A "few" weeks back, I was in the Barony of Aneala
(Perth, Australia) for a month.  Whilst there, I
met a young man at an event held by all the groups
in Western Australia called "Autumn Gather." Yes,
it's confusing but their seasons are backwards
from ours...  Anyway, at Autumn Gather, this young
man, by the name of Mark, was quite interested in
maybe someday fighting - but to date, no one in
Lochac has ever ventured to fight with armour and
rattan from a wheelchair.  As the visitor from "the
other side of the pond," he was very interested in
my relating the few times I've seen Sir Kief fight
(yes, an odd comment to make on the Ansteorran
mailing list, but please recall that I have only
been here a few months, having only just moved here
and actually, only managed to buy a house just 
5 days ago -yippee!). I also was able to relate to
this gentleman the times I had seen someone (more 
than one someone?) fight at Estrella from a wheelchair,
pushed by a friend into battle - though this was many
many years ago).  So I was able to convey to him that 
it HAD been done, but that I was woefully unaware of 
provisions for actually doing so.  Foolish me, I 
promised him I would look into the matter when I got 
back home to my side of the pond.

And hence, this is what I am doing.  I have taken
care of all the other obligations I made to various
and sundry friends in Aneala (with the exception of
finding my copy of the Mappae Cavicula for my fellow
scribal addicts there, so as to copy it and send it
to them - it's such a pain having most of my books
and SCA stuff still up at the old house in Idaho,
grump grump grump).  And now, finally, I am working
on Mark's request to find him more info on the
subject of fighting from a wheelchair. I confess, I
found the potential scope of the request rather
daunting, especially since I thought I might have to
delve into Atenveldt or the Outlands where I know
hardly anyone at all.

Anyway, I started knocking around various websites 
and such, and what do I find on the Florilegium but 
some emails from one Lord Tristan who himself fought
from a wheelchair up in the Northern Region, once 
upon a time here in Ansteorra. 

SO: now that we have FINALLY gotten through ALL THAT
hack...) (it's so hard, being sooooo LONG winded...),
I have a question for the list:

Does anyone know how I might get in touch with Lord
Tristan, who I believe has since moved to Calontir?
>From Tristan's emails archived on the Florilegium,
I think he would be the perfect person for my friend
Mark in Aneala to contact.  Anyone?

Many thanks in advance!


Therasia von Tux, that not-quite-so-new-person-anymore

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