[Ansteorra] looking for the man in the wheelchair

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Jun 8 10:47:51 PDT 2008

Tux asked about fighting from wheelchairs or with other disabilities.
> Anyway, I started knocking around various websites
> and such, and what do I find on the Florilegium but
> some emails from one Lord Tristan who himself fought
> from a wheelchair up in the Northern Region, once
> upon a time here in Ansteorra.

I was going to mention this file to her, but this is probably the  
file she found, just in case anyone else is interested:
disabilities-msg  (84K)  4/17/05    Disabilities in the SCA and  
period, hiding
                                       wheelchairs, SCA sign language.

However, it doesn't have as much info about compensating for  
disabilities when doing SCA combat, either armored or rapier, as I  
would like. I would appreciate anyone replying to Tux by email to  
consider copying me with their message.

> SO: now that we have FINALLY gotten through ALL THAT
> hack...) (it's so hard, being sooooo LONG winded...),

Hmmm. I have only a little bit on waterwheels in the Florilegium, and  
even less on windmills. So, I'd love to get more info on either.
mills-msg          (8K)  2/ 8/08    Period water, wind and animal  
powered mills.


> I have a question for the list:
> Does anyone know how I might get in touch with Lord
> Tristan, who I believe has since moved to Calontir?
> Therasia von Tux, that not-quite-so-new-person-anymore

And for those who have recently moved info Ansteorra or who might be  
moving from Ansteorra to another kingdom in the future, you might  
find these files in the NEWCOMERS section to be useful.
Othr-Newcomrs-art (16K)  2/23/03    "The 'Other' Newcomers" by Lady  
                                        Catharin de Rochelle. For SCA  
                                        moving from one group to  
SCA-trans-msg     (18K)  1/ 4/96    How to handle the move from one  
group to
                                        another. For the people in  
the group too.

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