[Ansteorra] looking for the man in the wheelchair

Betsy Marshall betsy at softwareinnovation.com
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Hi, Mistress Therasia! I can get you in touch with H. Lord Fergus, who
fights heavy from his wheelchair as well as archery -both target and combat,
there is also Centurion Rick, who is out due to current illness, but won
acclaim from the other Centurions before he had to drop.
Hugs all around, Pyro

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Greetings gentle cousins.

SO: now that we have FINALLY gotten through ALL THAT
hack...) (it's so hard, being sooooo LONG winded...),
I have a question for the list:

Does anyone know how I might get in touch with Lord
Tristan, who I believe has since moved to Calontir?
>From Tristan's emails archived on the Florilegium,
I think he would be the perfect person for my friend
Mark in Aneala to contact.  Anyone?

Many thanks in advance!


Therasia von Tux, that not-quite-so-new-person-anymore

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