[Ansteorra] FW: Cd's from SCA musicians wanted!!!

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Was there more to the message below?  All I saw was the title of the
original post from Atenveldt.

BTW, I am the guy with the guitar at the Warlord party;).  At least I think
I am.  Did he have hair like Reverend Jim and wear a white belt?  I run
Raven Boy Music and we have several bards on our "label" with CDs.  Lady
Maya was hawking my latest one in the hall all day.


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I know we have some wonderful bards. And I know the fabulous Gentleman, with
the guitar, at the Warlord party Sat. nite did mention having cds. If you or
someone you know would be interested, this could be a wonderful way to share
your talent with an even larger audience. 
Ly Gabriele
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Thought I would pass this on since I know we have some wonderful musicians
'round these parts.
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