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Mon Jun 9 21:21:15 PDT 2008

On Jun 9, 2008, at 6:37 PM, Betsy Marshall wrote:

> If you like chewing on paper or foam core, no worries.
> The critters in the vicinity are either owned livestock or varmints-
> raccoons, armadillos, etc and not generally considered "good eatin'"

See this file in the Florilegium:
exotic-meats-msg (100K)  4/18/08    Period and SCA exotic meats.  
Swans, ostrich,
                                        crawfish, dormice, cat.

> I do recommend a nice picnic lunch assembled at the grocery store.
> Bread, cheese, fruit and sausages, lemonade and some napkins and  
> you are all
> set for a lovely period lunch!

Picnic-Basket-art (26K)  5/21/08    "A Pilgrim's Picnic Basket" by  
                                        Gideanus Adamantius, O.L.
picnic-feasts-msg (12K)  7/ 6/01    Ideas for light, picnic style  
travel-foods-msg  (14K)  9/23/07    Period travel foods.

> (okay- maybe not the lemonade; sugar was very dear until Tudor times)

Orng-Lmn-drks-art (10K)  4/11/07    "Orange and Lemon Drinks of Summer"
                                        by THL Johnnae llyn Lewis, CE.

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