[Ansteorra] Elfsea Digest, Vol 26, Issue 48

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Mon Jun 9 22:16:17 PDT 2008

Dear Sabina..another outcast

Thank you for your kind words. It is people like you who make me feel we have hope. I think the Golliard will do good. Hopefully we can protect them enough that they don't lose heart. No man or woman is perfect. I am far from it but we all need the mirror of the fool to show us our flaws. The problem with our leadership is sometimes we think that we are really wise. 
I made so many mistakes when I was Queen the first and second time. On my third time I did OK. But if I did OK is because I realize that I was not an absolute ruler and my people knew more than I did. 
I am sorry that I am being a pain but when I said I had lost all those people . I didn't say most of them called me up and said good by. In Saying Good by to me they were saying Good by to Ansteorra. I wept to hear their pain. I was shamed by their unvoiced question, "How could I let this happen?"
An important person said to me that I wasn't ruling anymore so I have no say in Ansteorra. That is true and equally true other Kings and Queen have walked away from the people of Ansteorra because they didn't want to hear the people's pain. Just because I am not ruling doesn't mean the His Grace and I don't feel a bond to each and every citizen of Ansteorra. When we took the Crown of Ansteorra we swore an oath to the people of Ansteorra and we will never be free of that oath. 
I am thankful to the Golliards for Crusading for the Grand Ideals of Ansteorra. I am thankful for you and all the people who are trying to make those ideal live. I am thankful for the Peers and nobles who are setting good examples. I am thankful to King Arron and Queen Vanessa for fighting for their people.
We cannot bring our lost comrades back. Their dream is dead but we can recreate Ansteorra so it shines brighter than it ever did before. We can use the past for ideas but all of us here and now are the future. 
Yours for Ansteorra
Willow de Wisp
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