[Ansteorra] An Unfortunate Accident

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Tue Jun 10 01:14:50 PDT 2008

Pssst Michael... they choose to hang out with people in the SCA... OMG. 
Roflmao you people need to chil the SCA is a  game. Nothing more.. we do it 
for our own entertainment.. and for a few to fill their empty lives with 
percieved power. We sing together... feast together... fight together.. So 
if we all had the same ideas and likes etc... the SCa would be boring beyond 
belief. There has been many problems and if they are not pointed out then 
they are ignored and allowed to fester. I associate with EVERYONE in the 
SCA, from Crown, to Brass Hats, to the newbies. I feel everyone in the SCA 
is one big family. Ya dont like someone well dont go around them, but dont 
hold it against someone else for getting to know them. Some of us like to 
defend the underdogs and want everyone to have fun. So instead of judging 
people with who they hang with try going out and I dont know... try getting 
to know a few people other than the circle of friends you hang with.

Lord Charinthalis Del Sans of Rundel aka Chass the Arse
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> Quill wrote:
>>It's a shame we can so easily be marred by association, but I accept this 
>>a part of human fate.
> Ah, Lord Quill, do you not recall what your parents taught you?  Well, I'm 
> assuming they did, because my parents taught it to me:  "Birds of a 
> feather flock together."
> I know nothing of Goliards, Miscreants, or anything else of the sort. 
> What I do know is that we *choose* with whom we will associate.  Such 
> choices reveal something about each person's character.  Because I also 
> know that if you do not sit down with "tax collectors and sinners," you 
> cannot have any influence on them, I will not dismiss someone out of hand 
> for mere associations.  However, when you choose to associate with 
> someone, you ARE revealing something about yourself in making that choice; 
> thus, it only makes sense that your choice in association should redound 
> upon you in some fashion.
> I speak in general because, again, I know absolutely nothing about 
> Goliards and Miscreants.  Do not regret that *you* are colored by the 
> associations you *choose* to make; instead, choose your associations so 
> that their reflection upon you will be the impression you want others to 
> have of you.  That choice is yours.
>  In Service,
>    Miles Grey
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