[Ansteorra] looking for a bit of heraldic art...

zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Tue Jun 10 08:45:04 PDT 2008

I know this is a long shot, but I'm trying to find a suitably plain, line-
drawing style image of "a cat-a-mountain sejant guardant erect sable ". (a 
black cat-a-mountain standing on both back legs, with claws raised, facing the 

I've scoured every on line resource I can find...

Does anyone have any other suggestions, or is anyone a heraldic artist I could 

I'm hoping to submit my husband's device to the college of heralds, but that 
one bit of artwork has proved challenging to find, and I can't draw worth a 

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions,

- Zubeydah 

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