[Ansteorra] FWD: [Bards] Goliards

Pat Mullins paedrics at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 12:36:03 PDT 2008

The post to which you responded to was written by Master Cadfan, in response to the question "Vas ist das 'Goliards'". It was among the very first posts on this thread, which I have been following since it began. I knew when I wrote that the author into whose mouth you were putting words was, in fact, Master Cadfan. The fact remains that what YOU said he said is NOT what he said. 

I "snipped" NOTHING from your post except Master Cadfan's post, which has already been published several times on this list, among others.

"If you are going to hurl epithets and generally act like rebellious ingrates, please go away, because that is not The Dream that I want to play."
These are YOUR WORDS, taken directly from YOUR POST.
My interpretation of these words is " If you won't play the way I want you to play, you should go away." Maybe I did misinterpret. But I don't think so.

Arguing from a persona point of view AND a real world point of view in the same missive was, and still is, ridiculous. That means it is deserving of ridicule, just so there is no misinterpretation.

Apparently, in your Dream (more likely in your dreams) anyone who disagrees with you is wrong, and in my case, willfully so.Oh, well, I guess I'll go through life being wrong. At least I'll have plenty of company. 

In defense of myself and my words, 

P.S. It amuses me that you spent a paragraph responding to my post, to tell us that you would not respond to my post. but then, its not the first time you have contradicted yourself between the start of a paragraph and its end, is it? If you are not going to respond to this post, don't just SAY you aren't going to respond, but actually DON'T RESPOND!

Miles Grey <Kahn at West-Point.org> wrote: I leave Lord Paedric's post intact.  It was brought to my attention that 
the post to which I was replying, though made by Lady Yu Xue XianXian, 
was not in fact written by her.  If you will read the post, you will see 
that there was no one attributed as author, thus the only logical 
assumption available to me was that the person who posted it was the author.

Beyond that, I'll not bother to reply.  You obviously misunderstood what 
I wrote, probably because you read what you wanted to read. You further 
confuse my message through such unskillful snipping that it has the 
effect of destroying any semblance of context.  It simply is not worth 
my time to clarify, nor to respond further, for I doubt you are 
interested in a civil discussion, and you have already demonstrated that 
you do not wish to attempt to undertand what I actually wrote.

  In Service,
    Miles Grey
If you have read this far perhaps you can answer one more question. In whose service, besides your own, did you write this post?


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