[Ansteorra] looking for a bit of heraldic art...

Pat Mullins paedrics at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 12:49:17 PDT 2008

based on your description, this is exactly the cat you are looking for, but note that it is salient, not sejant erect. I would recommend printing off this website, then tracing it without the collar.


John Atkinson <johnmatkinson at gmail.com> wrote:

As a former member of the 16th Engineer Battalion, the Catamounts, I
can suggest that this:


Ioannes Dalassenos
mka John M. Atkinson, SSG, USA
"Thousands of Sarmatians, Thousands of Franks, we've slain them again
and again. We're looking for thousands of Persians."
--Vita Aureliani
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