[Ansteorra] looking for a bit of heraldic art...

Pat Mullins paedrics at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 20:45:53 PDT 2008

Yeah, that's been covered. Its what she described, just not what she asked for. Need clarification from Zubeydah... I would be happy to draw it, if desired. 
(and you are a far wiser man than I, Alden)
Paul DeLisle <ferretpd at gmail.com> wrote: That's "salient guardant" (i.e. "leaping, facing front".)
She is looking for "sejant guardant erect" (sitting, facing front, upper
body raised.) 

Not the same thing at all.

I would suggest engaging an heraldic Artist, and getting it drawn for you.

(Olde Farte Herald...and be glad I didn't reply to the Goliard or Willow's
War thread...)

> line-
> > drawing style image of "a cat-a-mountain sejant guardant erect sable
> ". (a
> > black cat-a-mountain standing on both back legs, with claws raised,
> facing the
> > viewer)


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