[Ansteorra] Bombay Fever

David Backlin edrei at smythkepe.org
Wed Jun 11 10:06:07 PDT 2008

Feeling feverish in the sweltering Summer heat? The Barony Small Gray Bear
and the Proto-Canton of Southtower have the cure for what ails you: it's
Bombay 1599. It's a full weekend of heavy fighting, rapier combat, Arts &
Sciences and lots of Indian cuisine. And there's a pool party, too, so bring
your toys (POOL toys, thankyouverymuch). Yes, there will be Children's
Activities, too.

Actually, there are TWO parties:  you have the "Family Swim" which runs
until Midnight (with naval battles, water gun duels, and  pool noodle
melees), then House Ishee presents Adult Swim starring some of your favorite
beverages (you were expecting Aqua Teen Hunger Force, perhaps?), or feel
free to bring your own .

Remember Camp Couchdale? Remember fighting in the old cabin? Well, have we
got a deal for you (well, actually THEY have a deal for you, I'm just the
huckster): fighting in the old Camp Taloha feast hall! This may be your last
chance before it's torn down... and NO it won't be torn down with you inside

All this and more for the low, low price of $19 for Adults  $13 for children
which includes feast (non-members add $3 NMS) If you *don't* want feast,
deduct $5  (but you'll spend that just for gas to get to Burgher King).
Feast will be prepared by Small Gray Bear's own Kat the Strange featuring
such delacasies as tali machli (I dunno... sounds kind of fishy to me) ,
baigan pakora, fresh onion chutney, chicken marinated in yogurt and spices,
shami kebab... even fried bananas (peanut butter not included).

That's June 27-29 at Camp Tahloha near Pine Bluff, Arkansas. That's only 2
weeks away (the weekend after Lilies War ends) so mark your calendars now!
This event will NOT be repeated.

I repeat: this event will *NOT* be repeated!!

Where to go and how to get there (Directions to Camp Tahloa)

Take your best route to Interstate 530 at Pine Bluff
Take Exit 39 (US 79/ 79B Camden) and turn south on US 79
Go approx 1/4 mile to Hwy 54 (Sulphur Springs Road)
Turn right (west) on Hwy 54 and go 5 miles Lee Springs Road
Bear right at the fork and follow 1 1/4 miles to Camp Taloha Road and turn
right into site.

For more information please see:

Or contact one of the following:

Autocrats: THL Aron the Dane  savalanst (at) yahoo.com
Lord Miles of the Southtower  obriang (at) msn.com
Head Chef: THL Kat the Strange  kattheStrange (at) aol.com

Site is discreetly wet: NO original containers, please!

(but really now: how can a swimming pool be "discreetly" wet)

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