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For those of you not at this event, you missed a terrific experience these men brought to life.
I learned many things, including the fact that "monk boy" was not a medieval super hero<G> and when God calls on the cell, you answer it...LOL.

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Greetings all, 

There was a group of monks at the recent Lysts 
at Castleton.  I've created a web page to 
chronicle some of our experiences:


One person described this endeavor as experiemntal
archeology which is an interesting way of thinking
about this kind of persona play: the feeling one has 
waking up in the dark of night to gather together, 
the experience of walking by candlelight, the music 
of soft bells early in the morning light, thoughts
one has chanting and walking solemnly with others,
the fragrance of incense and the feelings it evokes, 
and the many other responses one may have to this 
glimpse of a medieval way of life.    

Several people have mentioned an interest in doing 
something like this again as well as a sister project.  
I am glad to hear from all who would like to explore
this kind of experience.  

  Thomas of Tenby

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