[Ansteorra] Missive to HE Gavin

drachenhohle at suddenlink.net drachenhohle at suddenlink.net
Wed Jun 11 11:43:57 PDT 2008

Unto his Excellency Chaing 5th Baron of Bonwicke,

I find myself disturbed as the definition of your southern borders of Bonwicke seems to be, in point of fact, the fair Shire in which I reside and equally disturbed that "farther south due to the terrain" seems to be, in fact, through the middle of MY HOME.  But do not think that I bear you singly to blame in this matter because what you lightly refer to as "tearing down", I have noted with alarm as burning and destroying in the manner of scorched earth, and the area you say is being raided is again MY HOME!

Now I do not know who is leading these heinous and destructive raids, but when I stop to think of who in the south could do such a thing, one name springs to mind (ok, 2 names but I know I didn't do it)... especially since part of my burnt home has now been painted green and white.  If you, O' Yankee Chinaman, cannot find another way to settle your differences with the Scottish Redneck, may I at least ask that you both find another venue, as what is left of my hall does not have enough room for one army much less TWO!

Another thing, while I understand that civic improvements, such as the wall you are building in the middle of my home, cost money, is it really necessary for your tax collectors to attempt to seize my burning home in the name of back taxes?  By the way, the last one that came by should be back soon; the new limp is slowing him down.

Centurion Gerold Von Drachenhohle
Knight Marshal Blacklake

---- HE Chiang <chiang at nts-online.net> wrote: 
>   My Dear Friend and Cousin,
> It would seem that once again your "Civic Guard" has torn down the small brick wall that I have built on the southern edges of Fair Bonwicke's borders. I will now have to rebuild it a bit further south because of the lay out of terrain. I would greatly appreciate it if in the future you would ask your "Civic Guard" to refrain from tearing up my small fence...and from raiding the area.
>   I am and remain humbly yours in service,
>   HE Chiang
>   5th Baron of Bonwicke

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