[Ansteorra] Cider available in Bordermarch

John Moore iaenmor at swbell.net
Wed Jun 11 14:34:47 PDT 2008

Well if the secret must get out at least it is for a good cause.  While 
the offer of cider sounds great, I am afraid I cannot make it out that 
way.  Just going to have to try another weekend when I can. 


Phocas wrote:
> Sorry Iaen..... We just can't keep everything to ourselves, not our cider
> block or the fun of playing with cinder blocks.  I'm trying to recall if any
> from Gates Edge have helped in this endeavor- there's always time. I'm sure
> we'll be adding more next summer.  My many thanks to Shadowlands for sending
> the lovely Lily Rose to help us last weekend.  She was a pleasure to have
> helping and being witty enough to banter back with Adolf and lady enough to
> maintain her honor and dignity. We truly hope she will be returning this
> weekend. 
> Alas, if sharing our cider blocks will encourage Ansteorrans to help build
> Border Keep, I will supply a 1 gal. block of cider to each who notifies me
> by noon Friday that they will be at Border Keep to work this weekend.  This
> is a one time offer, as I don't want to deplete all my personal reserves of
> cider blocks.
> Remember we consider this as Ansteorra's stone castle.
> IN Service,
> Lord Phocas
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> From: john moore
> Darn it Phocas.  Giving away the coastal secrets again.
> Iaen
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> Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 5:02 AM
> Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] Life is Good in Elsea!!! And Bordermarch!!!
>> If you have cider blocks down there, I think we may see a mass migration 
>> to Beaumont!  Who's with me?  :)
>> Morgan
>> Who loves cider
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>> From: "Phocas" <phocas at bordermarch.org>
> As any barony, Bordermarch could use a few more Hard workers, and we'll take
> any Wantabees (especially if they want-a-be castle builders!)
>   We are building the new tower on the north end of Border Keep and hope to
> finish it this weekend- so if we could borrow the dysfunctions, knee-biters,
> Old Farts, Drama Queens, Crumb-snatchers, Jocks, Princesses, Hasbeens, Hard
> Drinkers, Party Girls, Boy Scouts, Addicts, Monks, Geeks, Freeks, Hippies
> and Yuppies for the weekend, PLEASE send them down to Border Keep.  Gee
> we'll even borrow Plain Old Uncle Ted if he can lift cider blocks or sling
> mortar or pass out water or shovel sand....  Hey, that reminds me: send the
> mud slingers- they would be great at filling cinder block with mortar.
>   Anyone in or out of Ansteorra who would like to come help Border Keep-
> Ansteorra stone castle, grow is welcome to come help. The best parts are: 
> 1) FREE camping with water and Electricity!
> 2) Free hot showers so you don't have to leave dirty!
> 3) No grab required - so you don't have to hide the mundane.
> 4) Great fellowship without the knee-biters 
>     (We'll even keep Adolf the Bear from picking on you till after lunch)
> 5) No Brass hats, No Politics! 
>     (Everyone is equal- Peers, Ladies, Lords, even Goliards. :)
> 6) Free pride in being able to say: I help build Ansteorra stone castle!
> 7) Site opens Friday and close when you want to leave.
>    (last weekend we had some that just came up for the day Saturday)
> We generally start working EARLY Saturday, and take a 2 or 3 hour break
> during the heat of the day and get back to work for a few more hours about
> 3pm.
> OK, oK I'll end my shameless plug for a FREE event!
> In Service to my Kingdom, Bordermarch and Border Keep.
> Lord Phocas
> Ps: to see what we got done last weekend see the Gallery at:
> http://bordermarch.org/Gallery/Castle-construction-Progress
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> Could you do me a favor and please forward me the contact information for
> the Party Girls, Old Farts, and any Princesses?
> Please keep your Drama Queens and Uncle Ted to yourself.  Thank you.
> Matthias the Brewer 
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> From: Gustav Minnesinger
> Subject: [Ansteorra] Life is Good in Elsea!!!
> Yep . . . . You heard me.  Life is Good in Elsea!!!
> No, I am not going over the edge or around the bend; but I do mean it with
> all my heart.
> To all of those outside of the Barony who have taken a interest in the
> 'tiffs' that have been going on over the last couple of weeks, just might
> think that this is the normal state of things or that we are burning the
> house down around our ears.  But that is not the case; not by a long shot.
> Elfsea is one big Family.
> Complete with it's own egos, dysfunctions, knee-biters, Old Farts, Drama
> Queens, Crumb-snatchers, Jocks, Princesses, Wantabees, Hasbeens, Hard
> workers, Hard Drinkers, Party Girls, Boy Scouts, Addicts, Monks, Geeks,
> Freeks and Plain Old Uncle Ted who scares us.  We've got Hippies and
> Yuppies, people who throw mud and people glad to dish it back.  We've got
> bar fights and table dancing.  Yep, we've got it all and we're looking for
> more!!!
> And Thanksgiving around here could leave you scared for life.
> "We lived like that "Happy Family" you sometimes see in traveling zoos: a
> lion caged with a lamb. It is a startling exhibit but the lamb has to be
> replaced frequently." [Have Space Suit - Will Travel (1958), Robert A.
> Heinlein]
> But it all works out:  we vent and gripe, we inspire and throw mud.  But
> when the dust settles, we get it done.  Sometimes in new ways and sometimes
> in old, sometimes inspired and sometimes by the seat of our pants.  But we
> know where are bothers and sisters hearts are.  We know that with a couple
> of calls, and maybe a scream for help; things will come together and
> everything will be alright.
> We've got some excellent people here with decades of wisdom and talent out
> the wazoo.  But we get a little grumpy from time to time and perhaps a
> little tired as well.  Have a little patience with us; it will all be right
> in the end.
> To those who are saying that things are exploding and the world is coming to
> an end,  that the Barony is coming apart and nothing can be fixed.  I
> disagree.  This scuffle ain't nothing to some of the knock downs we've had
> in the past.
> "We've got Big Dreams and even Broader Shoulders.  We welcome all, and no
> one wants."  That about sums up Elfsea in a phrase.  But as a family,
> sometimes we just have to get things out in the open and let each other know
> that we've been poked once too often.
> I'm not apologizing nor trying to play it down.  I'm just trying to explain
> it to others who may be seeing these proceedings for the first time, that
> this is not a bad thing.  And in fact, is normal and good for us to get this
> out of our system: it is cathartic and inspirational.
> Our family is strong and varied . . . Life is good in Elfsea!!!
> Thank you for your patience one and all.
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