[Ansteorra] Missive to HE Gavin

HE Chiang chiang at nts-online.net
Wed Jun 11 19:28:44 PDT 2008

  My Good and Dear Friend,
You seem so quick to take offense and give it as well. The fence was just a 
small border fence, using just a few of the bricks my Brothers from the 
North gave me. When I received this gift, Her Majesty told me to build a 
fence with it, just not on my northern border, or something to that effect. 
I was just trying to do as Her Majesty wished.
  I have not really felt the need for a personal guard, with the threat of 
Raspoli gone and others dealt with. I had always thought that the fighters 
of our area would come to aid if ever the need arose, perhaps I was 
mistaken. It would seem that the southern borders of Bonwicke are not as 
secure as I thought. I will assemble a guard and gather a few friends 
willing to help my Fair Barony and we shall deal with this threat from my 
southern borders, be it from outlaws or your "Civil Guard".
  As for the last part of your message, well the words I would write should 
not be read by mixed company or young children.
  Baron Chiang,
  Baron of Bonwicke

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Good and Noble Brother and Cousin,

If you are not capable of protecting your lands against raiders of any kind, 
perhaps you should instate a guard of your own since I know of none 
currently serving in this position.  However, now that we’ve come to the 
point of building walls, this action has come to disturb me greatly.  I find 
it wholly inappropriate that one should divide our fair kingdom with a wall, 
be it one of wattle-and-daub, of stone and mortar, or a white picket fence. 
If you should be so callous as to offend those who have so staunchly 
supported you in the past, then I will not stop my Civic Guard from tearing 
down a wall which divides our fair kingdom.

Though if you are truly searching to seek offence – your tone when you refer 
to my “Civic Guard” is an insult not only to me but to the whole Shire; I 
would pit my Civic Guard against you and yours any day.  In fact, I invite 
the rest of the kingdom of Ansteorra to stand with the Shire of Trelac, and 
let us teach this wayward, wall-building Baron his place and that no wall, 
no matter how high and of what materials made, may divide this fair kingdom!

So in language you might understand, Your Excellency…Bring it, y’all! 

Baron Gavin
Seneschal - Trelac

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