[Ansteorra] Missive to HE Gavin

HE Chiang chiang at nts-online.net
Wed Jun 11 21:23:38 PDT 2008

  My Dear Friend and Brother Centurion,
I told my surveyors to go around your home, good help is so hard to find in 
these times. I am sorry to hear of your wrecked home. I should gather a few 
folks to come help you rebuild, while we rebuild my small fence as well.
  We shall deal with the Scottish Redneck, I do so like that term.
  Looking forward to visiting with you soon.
  Your humble servant,
  HE Chiang
  Baron of Bonwicke
  and Centurion

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> Unto his Excellency Chaing 5th Baron of Bonwicke,
> I find myself disturbed as the definition of your southern borders of 
> Bonwicke seems to be, in point of fact, the fair Shire in which I reside 
> and equally disturbed that "farther south due to the terrain" seems to be, 
> in fact, through the middle of MY HOME.  But do not think that I bear you 
> singly to blame in this matter because what you lightly refer to as 
> "tearing down", I have noted with alarm as burning and destroying in the 
> manner of scorched earth, and the area you say is being raided is again MY 
> Now I do not know who is leading these heinous and destructive raids, but 
> when I stop to think of who in the south could do such a thing, one name 
> springs to mind (ok, 2 names but I know I didn't do it)... especially 
> since part of my burnt home has now been painted green and white.  If you, 
> O' Yankee Chinaman, cannot find another way to settle your differences 
> with the Scottish Redneck, may I at least ask that you both find another 
> venue, as what is left of my hall does not have enough room for one army 
> much less TWO!
> Another thing, while I understand that civic improvements, such as the 
> wall you are building in the middle of my home, cost money, is it really 
> necessary for your tax collectors to attempt to seize my burning home in 
> the name of back taxes?  By the way, the last one that came by should be 
> back soon; the new limp is slowing him down.
> Centurion Gerold Von Drachenhohle
> Knight Marshal Blacklake

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