[Ansteorra] Missive to HE Gavin

HE Chiang chiang at nts-online.net
Wed Jun 11 22:22:54 PDT 2008

  My Dear Cousin,
I mean no disrespect to Her Majesty, as I am rather fond of her. She has 
treated me with great respect and I hold her in high regard. It was she who 
had a hand in naming me to my present position.
  I also know well your reputation and have never seen anything from you 
that would cause me to doubt what I have heard about you and your skills 
with a sword. Please know that no slight was meant toward her, or you for 
that matter.
  However, if you are interested in taking part with my squabble with my 
southern neighbor, I could perhaps make it worth you while to fight for me.
 HE Chiang,
 Baron of Bonwicke
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Your Excellency,

I understand that in your area cousins may find the need to hold family
discussions sword in hand from time to time and I have no stake in such
affairs. However, respectfully, I say that when seeking advantage be
cautious how you use Her Majesty and her good name lest you find Her
defenders arrayed against you and the conflict turned more serious than a
scuffle between cousins.

Baron Christian Doré

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