[Ansteorra] Missive to HE Gavin

drachenhohle at suddenlink.net drachenhohle at suddenlink.net
Wed Jun 11 22:39:54 PDT 2008

My Dear brother Chaing,

I regret to say that I may be to blame for your surveyors being hard to find.  I chose that field for a reason.  These few folk your bringing, they wouldn't happen to in armor would they?  I have used a sword pommel for a hammer when times called for it but all in all they make poor tools.  It vexes me to thing that the site of this wall  may so close to my home that it would be but a small matter for you to dispatch them to my aid.  Again I ask that these intrusions by both sides cease immediately!  Find some other place to settle these squabbles and leave the lands I help guard in peace!

Centurion Gerold Von Drachenhohle
Knight Marshal Blacklake

PS  Don't think I didn't notice that you avoided the whole topic of tax collectors...

---- HE Chiang <chiang at nts-online.net> wrote: 
>   My Dear Friend and Brother Centurion,
> I told my surveyors to go around your home, good help is so hard to find in 
> these times. I am sorry to hear of your wrecked home. I should gather a few 
> folks to come help you rebuild, while we rebuild my small fence as well.
>   We shall deal with the Scottish Redneck, I do so like that term.
>   Looking forward to visiting with you soon.
>   Your humble servant,
>   HE Chiang
>   Baron of Bonwicke
>   and Centurion

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